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Giovanni Frigo

ENV 372-A
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M.A. Philosophical Sciences-Ethics-Energy-Ecology, University of Verona - EHESS of Paris (2011)
B.A. Philosophy-History of Religions, University of Verona (2008)
Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Energy Ethics, Renewable Energies, Philosophy of Technology and Information, Mountaineering and Climbing, Triathlon, Chess

"Personal Information:"
"Born: Asiago, Italy, March 1st 1985 Nationality: Italian"
"Contact Information:"
"Adresses: 1) Piazza San Marco, 24/25"
"Canove di Roana (VI) - 36010 - ITALY"
"2) 1704, West Mulberry, Room #225 76203-5017, Denton (TX) - USA"
"Cell: +1 646 3715874 - +39 340 2543836"
"Skype: giovanni.frigo"
"Ph.D. Environmental Philosophy, University of North Texas, Denton, USA (Aug 2013 - present)"
"Result: 2017 (expected) Interests and"
"Specializations: Energy Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, History of Environmental Ethics, Ecology, Thermodynamics Theory, Energy Engineering, Ecological Economics, Social Psychology and Environmental Behaviors, Environmental Education"
"M.A. Philosophical Sciences, University of Verona, Verona, Italy (Nov 2008 - Dec 2011)"
"Result: 110/110 cum laude"
"Specializations: Environmental Ethics, Ecological Economics, Social Psychology, Epistemology and Philosophy of"
"Science, History, Ecology"
"Thesis Subject: History of Ethics and Moral Thought, Ethics, Economics, Politics"
"Thesis Title: Earth's Emergencies and the Principle of Responsibility. The Debate in Environmental Ethics"
"Erasmus Program, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris, France (Oct 2009- Jun 2010)"
"Attendance of classes, lectures, conferences in Philosophy, Cultural Anthropology and Social Sciences: 8/8 exams passed"
"B.A. Philosophy, University of Verona, Verona, Italy (Sep 2004 - Oct 2008)"
"Result: 109/110"
"Specializations: History of Philosophy and History of Concepts, Ethics and Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy,"
"Metaphysics, Aesthetics, Logics, Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Religion, Cultural and Social"
"Anthropology, Sociology, History (Greeks and Romans, Middle-Age, Modern, Contemporary),"
"Philosophy of Sciences and History of Sciences, Cultural Visual Studies, Italian Literature, Psychology, Linguistics, Informatics"
"Thesis Subject: History of religions"
"Thesis Title: Springtime Rural Processions: a Perspective in the History of Religions. The ""Trip around the World"" of Asiago"
"High School, ITC & Scientific Lyceum G. B. Pertile, Asiago, Italy (Sep 1999 - Jun 2004)"

Skills and Qualifications:
Excellent Study Method and Vibrant Enthusiasm for Learning
Ability of communication and teamwork
High sensitiveness concerning environmental and social issues
Positive experience of international living in Italy, France, UK, Germany and USA
- (2014), "Review of Luciano Floridi Ethics of Information" (work in progress)
- (2014), "St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis the First. Recent Implications of Franciscan Thought in Environmental
Ethics" (work in progress)
- Articles in local newspapers (Giornale dell'Altopiano)
Awards and Honors:
- 2012: Award for the Master Thesis in the Laura Conti Master Thesis Contest - Ecoistituto del Veneto
- 2011: Honors for the Master Degree
- 2011: 2nd prize at the Contest for Master Thesis about Environmental and Energy Issues called by the
AGSM Energy Corporation and the University of Verona
- 2009: Award in the thesis Contest called by the Spett.le Reggenza dei Sette Comuni - Altopiano di Asiago
Work Experience:
- 2011 to the present: collaboration in the project and in the realization of an eco-save house: sustainable engineering,
Energy efficiency and Eco-savings strategies
Other Skills and Hobbies:
Rock Climbing, Chess, Triathlon, Wood Handicraft, Cinema and Music
Dr. Adam Briggle, Associate professor, University of North Texas:
Prof. Italo Sciuto, Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Verona:
Prof. Romano Molesti, Professor of History of Economic Thought at the University of Verona:

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