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Departmental Organizations

Undergraduate Philosophy Forum

The UNT Philosopher's Forum is a student organization focused on inviting students and faculty from numerous disciplines together in dialogue about topics in the study of philosophy. The Forum is associated with Phi Sigma Tau, the Philosophy honors society of UNT, and together these organizations will provide an outlet for students of philosophy to share their ideas with others and prepare them for careers in the study of philosophy.

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Philosophy & Religion Graduate Student Association (PRGSA)

The Philosophy and Religion Graduate Student Association (PRGSA) is a student organization for graduate students studying Philosophy and Religion Studies at UNT. The purpose of PRGSA is to foster and strengthen community among philosophy graduate students, present a shared graduate student voice to the faculty, and to likewise have dialogue between the faculty and graduate students. PRGSA membership is open to MA and PhD students in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, as well as to graduate students in other departments, undeclared graduate students, and non-degree seeking graduate students who take graduate-level PHIL courses (5000+) on a semi-regular basis. PRGSA initially began in Fall 2008, became a formal organization in Spring 2009, and officially became a Student Organization at UNT in Spring 2010. PRGSA holds meetings approximately once a month or as needed for current issues.

PRGSA may be contacted at

Current positions:

Sumshot Khular - Student Representative/GSC Representative
Danqiong Zhu, Isabelle Bishop and T Wright - Student Co-Representative
Sunil Kilaru - Community Coordinator

Phi Sigma Tau (International Honors Society in Philosophy)

The Texas Xi Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau was formed in January 2010. UNT PST is an internationally accredited honor society which aims to to promote student interest in philosophy, student community and further advance study in philosophy as well as providing avenues for publication of student works. The society has semi-annual journal, Dialogue, devoted entirely to student contributions. Meetings also involve student presentation of papers, outside speakers, debates on philosophical issues, etc. This past Spring, Phi Sigma Tau successfully hosted its second annual Student Philosophy Symposium.

Information about events and eligibility can be found online at: