Adam Briggle

Associate Professor

Office: EESAT 225G
Phone: 940-369-5136

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Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder (2006)
Bioethics, Environmental Studies, Ethics and Culture of New Media, Ethics and Policy of Science and Technology, Philosophy of Technology

J. Baird Callicott

University Distinguished Research Professor, Regents Professor & TA/TF Coordinator

Office: EESAT 310M
Phone: 940-565-2266

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Ph.D., Syracuse University (1971)
Environmental Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Leopold's Land Ethic,

Geoffery Dennis

Adjunct Professor of Rabbinics in the Jewish Studies Program

Office: EESAT 320F
Phone: 940-565-2266

Robert M. Figueroa

Associate Professor & Director of the Environmental Justice Project

Office: EESAT 310S
Phone: 940-565-2621

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Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder (1999)
Environmental Justice Studies, Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society, Philosophy of Heritage and Culture, Critical Race Theory, Climate Affairs, Environmental Policy

Sarah E. Fredericks

Associate Professor

Office: EESAT 310U
Phone: 940-369-8126

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Ph.D., Boston University (2008)
Comparative Religious Environmental Ethics, Energy Sustainability, Sustainability Ethics, Science and Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science

Robert Frodeman

Professor and Director of C.S.I.D.

Office: EESAT 320C
Phone: 940-565-3547

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Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University (1988)
Continental Philosophy, Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Philosophy of Science Policy, Science and Technology Studies, Theory and Practice of Interdisciplinarity

Patricia (Trish) Glazebrook

Professor and Chair

Office: EESAT 225F
Phone: (940) 565-4846

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Ph.D., University of Toronto (1994)
Environmental Philosophy / Eco-Phenomenology, Heidegger, Gender and Environmental Policy, International Development, Feminism, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology

Dr. Pete Gunter

Professor Emeritus

Office: EESAT 225
Phone: 940-565-2266

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Eugene C. Hargrove

Professor & Director of the Center for Environmental Philosophy

Office: EESAT 225C
Phone: 940-565-2727

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Ph.D., University of Missouri (1974)
Environmental Ethics, Wittgenstein, University of Vienna

Pankaj Jain

Assistant Professor

Office: 325J ENV
Phone: 940-369-7574

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Ph.D., University of Iowa (2008), M.A., Columbia University (2003)
Environmental Issues and Movements in India, Hinduism, Jainism, Religions and Films of India, Hindi/Urdu/Sanskrit Languages and Literatures
Monograph: Dharma and Ecology of Hindu Communities: Sustenance and Sustainability

George James


Office: EESAT 225E
Phone: 940-565-4791

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Ph.D., Columbia University (1983)
Comparative Environmental Ethics, Environmental Issues and Movements, History and Phenomenology of Religion, History and Philosophy of the Study of Religion, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Religion

Jaime Jimenez

Professor and Field Course Director of Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Office: ENV 310AB
Phone: 940-369-5077

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David M. Kaplan

Associate Professor & Director of The Philosophy of Food Project

Office: EESAT 225D
Phone: 940-565-3521

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Ph.D., Fordham University (1998)
Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Food/Food Ethics, Critical Theory, Phenomenology, Social-Political Philosophy, Aesthetics

Irene J. Klaver

Professor & Director of the Philosophy of Water Project

Office: EESAT 310T
Phone: 940-565-3331

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Ph.D., State University of New York [SUNY] at Stony Brook (1996)
Philosophy of Water, Environmental Philosophy, Cultural Studies, 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Postmodern Thought, Merleau-Ponty, Eco-Phenomenology

Ricardo Rozzi

Professor & Director of the Sub-Antarctic Biocultural Conservation Program

Office: EESAT 310P
Phone: 940-369-7796

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Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Connecticut (2001)

Jonathan D. Shick

Adjuct Professor and Fellow, Jewish Studies Program

Phone: 940-565-2266
Masters in Education Administration, Boston College
Jewish Ethics, Jewish Philosophy

Michael Thompson

Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies

Office: EESAT 320E

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Ph.D. University of South Florida (2009)
Immanuel Kant, Modern Philosophy; Imagination; Metaphysics; Cognitive Architecture, Embodied Cognition.
Forthcoming book: "Imagination in Kant's Critical Philosophy"

Dale Wilkerson

Principal Lecturer & Director of Graduate Studies

Office: EESAT 320C
Phone: 940-565-2256

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Ph.D. in the History of Ideas, University of Texas – Dallas (2002)
History of Ideas, Continental Philosophy, and Ethical Theory, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger, Hermeneutics, Social & Political Theory

Martin D. Yaffe


Office: EESAt 310N
Phone: 940-565-2259

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Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School (1968)