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Nathan Bell

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M.A. Philosophy, University of North Texas (2010)
B.S. Philosophy and Environmental Ethics, University of Wisconsin (2006)
Environmental Ethics and Philosophy, Philosophical Hermeneutics, Environmental Hermeneutics, Continental Philosophy, Literary Criticism, Eco-Phenomenology, Environmental Justice

I am a doctoral student, Teaching Fellow, and Research Assistant with the department. I have also worked with the Center for the Study of Interdisciplinarity. I am currently serving as the Student Representative of and am a founding member of the Philosophy and Religion Graduate Student Association at UNT. My own research focuses on the growing field of Environmental Hermeneutics, which in my case means using the work of Gadamer and Ricoeur to explore how interpretation is central to environmental problems, most particularly as regards environmental identity and environmental action. I also, to a lesser degree, apply hermeneutics to such issues as animal ethics and environmental justice.

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