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Undergraduate Degrees

Marketable skills for this degree include interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skill areas, that are valued by employers, and are primary or complementary to the major. The marketable skills goal was designed to help students articulate their skills to employers. UNT's marketable skills were faculty-developed and approved by employers or discipline-specific agencies, e.g., internship providers, chambers of commerce, workforce development boards, and other workforce-related entities. For information on these marketable skills - https://vpaa.unt.edu/thecb/class.

Major in Philosophy
The major requires completion of 10 classes/30 credit hours in philosophy:

  • 2050 Introduction to Logic OR 3300 Symbolic Logic
  • 3310 Ancient Philosophy
  • 3330 Modern Philosophy
  • 3600 Philosophy of Religion OR 4100 Epistemology OR 4400 Metaphysics
  • 3120 Social & Political Philosophy OR 3400 Ethical Theory
  • 3250 Philosophy of Science OR 3450 Philosophy of Technology OR 4200 Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society OR 4750 Philosophy and Public Policy
  • 4450 Philosophy of Ecology OR 4700 Environmental Ethics OR 4740 Environmental Justice or
  • Elective (any 3000-4000 level PHIL course)
  • Elective (any 3000-4000 level PHIL course)
  • 4970 Philosophy Capstone - SPRING semester only, SENIOR year seminar

Minor in Philosophy
The minor consists of 6 classes/18 credit hours in philosophy (PHIL) -- 3 classes/9 hours must be advanced.

Major in Religion
The major requires completion of 11 classes/33 credit hours:

3 Hours from Introduction to Religious Studies:

  • PHIL 2070 Great Religions
  • PHIL 2100 Introduction to Judaism
  • PHIL 2400 Religion in American Society

3 Hours from Theoretical Approaches:

  • ANTH 4751 The Supernatural: Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
  • PHIL 3600 Philosophy of Religion
  • SOCI 3700 Sociology of Religion

3 Hours from Christianity:

  • PHIL 3320 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHIL 3500 Christianity and Philosophy
  • PHIL 3520 Early Christian Thought

3 Hours from Judaism:

  • PHIL 3510 Hebrew Bible
  • PHIL 3525 Rabbinic Judaism
  • PHIL 3530 Kabbalah: Jewish Mysticism, Myth, and Magic
  • PHIL 3535 Classical Jewish Thought: The 13 Principles of Faith
  • PHIL 3540 Judaism and Philosophy

3 Hours from Islam:

  • HIST 3450 Islam and its Empires
  • HIST 3460 Modern Middle East History
  • HIST 4240 Nationalism, Zionism, and Islamism in Modern Middle Eastern History

3 Hours from South Asian Religions:

  • PHIL 3620 South Asian Philosophy and Religion
  • PHIL 3625 Modern South Asian Philosophy and Religion
  • PHIL 3630 Jainism

3 Hours from Religion, Science, and the Environment:

  • PHIL 3650 Religion and Science
  • PHIL 3660 Western Religion and the Environment
  • PHIL 3665 Eastern Religion and the Environment

3 Hours from Religion and History:

  • HIST 4215 Jews under Greeks and Roman Rule
  • HIST 4217 Jew, Greek and Roman: Backgrounds of Early Christianity
  • HIST 4218 Early Medieval Europe, ca. 312-1095
  • HIST 4219 Late Medieval Europe, 1095 to 1400
  • HIST 4230 Age of the Reformation
  • HIST 4290 Intellectual, Cultural and Social History of Medieval and Early Modern Europe
  • HIST 4550 Imperial China

3 Hours from Capstone Seminar

  • PHIL 4975 Religious Studies Capstone Seminar - FALL semester only, SENIOR year seminar

6 Hours of two (2) advanced electives either from the above list of required courses or any of the following approved electives.

  • AEAH 4804 Medieval Art
  • AEAH 4805 Topics in Medieval Art
  • AEAH 4825 Topics in Islamic and/or Middle Eastern Art
  • ANTH 3700 Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
  • ANTH 4900 Special Problems (when appropriate)
  • ENGL 3913 Topics in Literature (when appropriate)
  • ENGL 3923 American Jewish Writers
  • ENGL 4440 Milton
  • ENGL 4800 Special Seminar in Literature (when appropriate)
  • HIST 3762 Rome: The Biography of a City
  • HIST 3770 Ancient and Medieval Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • HIST 4315 History of Anti-Semitism from Ancient Times to the Present
  • HIST 4380 The European Witch Hunts
  • HIST 4390 The Holocaust, 1933-1945
  • HIST 4435 American Jewish Experience
  • HIST 4475 Jewish Women in Modern America
  • HIST 4263 Topics in History (when appropriate)
  • MUMH 4800 Nazism, Judaism and the Politics of Classical Music in Germany
  • MUMH 4810 Jews, Judaism, Anti-Semitism, and Opera
  • PHIL 3515 David, Saul, and Solomon: The Early Israelite Monarchy
  • PHIL 3550 Jewish Business Ethics
  • PHIL 3635 Bollywood
  • PHIL 3680 East Asian Philosophy & Religion
  • PHIL 4960 Special Problems (when appropriate)
  • PSCI 4150 Religion and Politics in the United States
  • PSCI 4330 Topics in Political Theory
  • SOCI 3900 Race and Christianity

Consult the Undergraduate Advisor for approval of any relevant courses (e.g., Special Problems courses) not listed. (david.kaplan@unt.edu or carla.parker@unt.edu).

Minor in Religion
The minor consists of 6 classes/18 credit hours (from the courses that apply to the major) -- 3 classes/9 hours must be advanced.

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