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The UNT Department of Philosophy and Religion is the home of the nation's leading Doctoral Program in environmental philosophy and the nation's first Masters Program in the field. The areas of specialization among our faculty include environmental justice, philosophy of ecology, environmental policy, religion and nature, philosophy of science and technology, philosophy of water, philosophy of food, philosophy of energy, eco-phenomenology, and eco-feminism, in addition to the history of philosophy, Ancient Greek, German Romanticism, hermeneutics, critical theory, social-political theory, and contemporary French philosophy, as well as West, South, and East Asian religions and philosophy.

Undergraduate education . . .
We offer a complete program of study in the history of Western Asian and European philosophy and religion, and South and East Asian philosophy and religions including logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethical theory, social-political philosophy, existentialism, and philosophy of art. Our course work not only provides insight into the world's intellectual heritage but also into literally every other field of study in the sciences and humanities. Philosophy is the bedrock of all other disciplines and excellent preparation for life and careers after graduation.

Reaching into the field . . .
Home of the first journal in the field, Environmental Ethics as well as the Center for Environmental Philosophy (CEP), the department initiated the Subantarctic Biocultural Conservation Program and the world's first Field Station in environmental philosophy, science, and policy at Cape Horn, Chile. The Department houses the Philosophy of Food Project, which maintains the primary website of information and resources on the philosophy of food. With connections to the United Nations Environmental, Science, and Cultural Organization, the Philosophy of Water Project is a leading program connecting philosophy and arts with science, and also offers the possibility for Research Fellowships. In addition, the Department was instrumental in Frack Free Denton and actively supports the Human Rights Campaign Parents for Transgender Equality National Council.