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Recent job placements

Jae Webb, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Management, University of North Texas

Teresa Moss, Assistant Professor, Tarrant County College

Jeff Gessas, Lecturer, Texas State University

Jared Opoien, Assistant Director of Humanities, Columbia College at Fort Worth

Nathan Bell, Assistant Professor, Brookhaven College

Alexandria Poole, Assistant Professor, University of Twente

Jennifer Rowland, Lecturer, Texas State University

David Utsler, Adjunct, North Central Texas College

Justin Williams, Senior Lecturer, Texas State University

Emmanuela Opoku, Postdoctoral Fellow, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Joseph Tuminello, Assistant Professor, McNeese State University

Giovanni Frigo, Research Fellow, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Seth Thompson, Lecturer, Texas State University

Nora Ward, Lecturer, University of Galway

Kelli Barr, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

Brian Onishi, Assistant Professor, Penn State University, Altoona

Glenn Miller, Instructional Professor, Texas A&M University

Sarah Conrad, Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Cloud State University

Phillip Day, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

Shane Epting, Assistant Professor, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Shaun House, Lecturer, University of Texas, Arlington

Jonathon Parker, Proposal Development Manager, Montclair State University