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Bernardo R. Vargas

Bernardo R. Vargas
Graduate Student Teaching Assistant
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M.A. Philosophy, Houston Baptist University
B.A. Communication Studies, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Interests include: Philosophy of Race, Decoloniality, Environmental Justice, Mexican-American Philosophy, Latinx Philosophy, and Social & Political Philosophy.

Bernardo is a Ph.D. student of Philosophy and a teaching assistant for the Philosophy and Religion department at UNT. His primary philosophical interests are in questions of oppression and liberation, with particular emphasis on race and racism as they relate to Mexican-Americans and Latinxs in the US. Bernardo's interdisciplinary approach draws from Africana, Indigenous, Decolonial, and Latinx thinkers, as well as history, sociology, and legal studies. In matters of environmental justice, he is concerned with the ongoing history of environmental racism toward BIPOC and their resistance to such discrimination through decolonial approaches to environmentalism.