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Isabelle Bishop

Isabelle Bishop
Teaching Fellow
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B.A. Philosophy with a minor in Peace Studies, Marquette University
M.A. Philosophy, University of North Texas
Interests: Critical Food Studies, Feminist and Queer Theories, Affect Theory, Phenomenology, Environmental Humanities, Social and Political Philosophy, Climate Change.

Isabelle is a PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow in the Philosophy and Religion department at UNT. Her dissertation explores the production of ordinary life in and through the contemporary supermarket. In thinking with the complexities of the ongoing and textured present, she attends to the co-creation of these contemporary food spaces and the orientations engendered within. From the everydayness of the supermarket, she considers the role of food and food spaces in imagining, forging, and living out social and political alternatives in the midst of climate chaos. She is co-editor of the Graduate Journal for Food Studies and works as a sourdough bread baker at a local restaurant.