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T Wright

T Wright
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B.A. Texas State University 2018
M.A. Philosophy, University of North Texas, 2021
Interests: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics, History of Modern Science, Aldo Leopold, Philosophy of Science, Meaning and Value Theory, Ontology

TT Wright is a Doctoral Candidate in the Philosophy and Religion department at UNT. Her ongoing research investigates the interplay of scientific and metaphysical change, with an aim to understand the historical and contemporary role of speculative ontology in shaping the physical and mathematical sciences while being shaped by them. For example, in the transition away from Ptolemaic natural magic after Galileo, Bacon, Newton, and Descartes; in Kant's work on Hume's problem for modern science; in Aldo Leopold's development of a new field of ecological science; in Einstein and Reimann's reshaping of space and time into spacetime. Her research is designed to question the demarcation between physics, metaphysics, politics, and ethics.