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Domestic Travel

Arranging Your Trip

Request for Travel Funds Form (RTF)

  • This will need to be completely filled out with accurate information about your upcoming trip. Please return the completed form to Amy Cassidy before your departure date for processing. This form is MANDATORY and must be submitted and approved prior to your travel date in order for you to recieve reimbursement. *If you need assistance with this form, please contact Amy Cassidy at 940-565-2134, or at


  • All documentation listed below will need to be returned to Amy Cassidy,
  • Any and all documentation proving travel funding from the source; e.g. Graduate school, CLASS, the department, Student Government, etc.
  • Flight Itinerary, with proof of purchase/payment (please have itinerary show both departure and arrival dates & locations)
  • If driving, provide round-trip mileage printed from GoogleMaps.
  • Original receipts with proof of purchase (i.e. last 4 digits of credit card used for purchase) organized, labeled and taped together to blank paper or enveloped. NOTE: Every receipt you want reimbursed must show some form of payment was already paid -- not that you were simply charged, but prove you paid.
  • If you claim per diem instead, provide administrator with specific meals covered each day and how many days you would like per diem meals for.
  • NOTE: Remember, a complete travel voucher means a quicker turnaround on reimbursement! Complete the 5 W's (Who, What, Where, When and Why)