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Graduate Student Scholarships

Academic Achievement Scholarship

For newly admitted PhD students only. The Academic Achievement Scholarship (AAS) is a one- year $1,000 tuition scholarship that begins during the Fall semester only. If all scholarship requirements are met, the student will automatically receive a one-time renewal of the scholarship. Recipients who are international and non-resident may be eligible to pay Texas resident tuition during the term of the scholarship. New applicants should inquire about the AAS via the Graduate Coordinator or the Director of Graduate Studies for more information.

Robert B. Toulouse Fellowship

The Robert B. Toulouse Fellowship (RBTF) is a highly competitive program that was created to recruit the very best graduate students who show promise for conducting important research or creative activity and are committed to full time enrollment. The program is a multi-year funding package for incoming PhD students only. This package includes a stipend, the deferral of all tuition and mandatory fees (excluding miscellaneous and course specific fees) and health benefits. Incoming PhD student are nominated by the Department at the time of acceptance.

Thesis / Dissertation Fellowship

The Thesis and Dissertation Fellowship (TDF) supports outstanding doctoral students who have achieved candidacy and are in the last year of their thesis or dissertation. This fellowship is for one year and includes a stipend, the deferral of all tuition and mandatory fees (excluding miscellaneous and course specific fees) and health benefits. ABD PhD students are nominated by the Department at the time of acceptance, please notify the Graduate Program Administrator or the Director of Graduate Studies of your interest in the fellowship. The awards are offered to a diverse group of outstanding students who are completing their degrees in a timely fashion and will complete the thesis or dissertation in the year in which they hold the award.

Gene Hargrove Graduate Fellowship

The fellowship, first established in fall 2013, at the request of the donor Eugene C. (Gene) Hargrove (retired emeritus professor of philosophy in the UNT Department of Philosophy and Religion. This scholarship provides $1000 to the recipient. Depending on the income available from the endowment, one or more graduate students in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Texas in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will be given the fellowship each year. Graduate students in good standing in the department, as well as incoming graduate students, are eligible to receive the fellowship. The fellowship will be awarded on the basis of academic performance standards and financial need.

Travel Grants

The Toulouse Graduate School (TGS) offers a limited number of grants to selected graduate students who are in good academic standing. Information about these grants can be found here: These travel grants are offered to support the costs of travel to professional meetings that are relevant to their degree.

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) also offers travel support in fall and spring semesters as well as the summer. Information about these travel grants can be found here: Students must have a GPA of

3.5 or higher and must have completed at least 18 hours at UNT.

The Student Government Association (SGA) also offers travel support via the Raupe Travel Grant, a scholarship to UNT students who are attending a conference that will not only benefit the university, but themselves as well, enriching the student with knowledge and a learning experience that they can't get in a classroom setting. Students can receive up to $500 a semester towards their conference(s). This grant is only offered twice a year (once in the fall semester, and again in the spring semester) and applications are made online [].

The International Office at UNT also provides travel support for students attending conferences or performing research outside the United States via the Global Learning and Experience Study Abroad Travel Grant. To qualify, students must be enrolled at the University of North Texas, having paid into the Student Service Fee funds, and be making Satisfactory Academic Progress as defined by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Students must also have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2011-2012 academic year to ensure they have financial need as well as submitted an application to attend classes full time during the academic year in one of UNT's international programs, which include faculty-led, exchange or affiliated program. Students do not have to be admitted to a program to apply for the grant, but must attend a program if a grant is awarded. If eligible, students will receive a university grant of $500.00. Applications should be completed online, through the

UNT- International website: [].