UNT Philosophy & Religion Statement in Support of Trans Children, LGBTQ+ People, and their Allies | Philosophy & Religion

UNT Philosophy & Religion Statement in Support of Trans Children, LGBTQ+ People, and their Allies

The Department of Philosophy and Religion has long supported academic inclusion and diversity. Our department's strength stems from the diverse backgrounds, schools of thought, and experiences we bring to the study of philosophy and religion. We are committed to reasoned debate, openness, tolerance, and social and environmental justice.

Over the past few years, a backlash has swelled against seeming gains in national equity for historically underrepresented groups. Recently, a student group invited a speaker to campus who reflects state political leaders' non-legally binding opinion that parents of transgender children should not support their children with age-appropriate gender-affirming care. Gender-affirming care for minors involves affirming a name, pronoun, and gender expression that matches the gender the child knows themselves to be. All the leading national professional associations that have researched medical and psychological care for trans children recommend gender-affirming care as best practice. The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the American Psychological Association all oppose the flurry of bills in state legislatures that try to prevent trans children from living authentically and participating fully at school. Each organization has debunked the sensationalist misinformation anti-trans activists and politicians perpetuate that inaccurately describes gender-affirming care.

We speak out against the spread of misinformation to attack LGBTQ+ people that has resulted in harassment and abuse, online and in person. Our Department upholds our university's ethical mission to be a caring community where all students thrive and to contribute to our national standing as a university committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and access. The Department of Philosophy and Religion respects each person's inherent dignity, and we strive to be a pluralistic community that recognizes differences and coexists in harmony.

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